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And the time keeps on flying! A lot has happened over the last couple of weeks, so, sorry I didn’t get to update my blog until now.

I smashed the 10000 steps a day target in the first week, completing 93451 steps! Told you I run around a lot at work as a Cabin Manager! The second week was “quieter” with 68635 steps.

Here is the summary of my third and fourth week in my #WalkAllOverCancer for Cancer Research UK.

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Day 15:

Worked Las Palmas and back:

– 825 to briefing

– 2246 arriving at the aircraft (reset)

– 1271 after take-off

– 2077 after first Bistro service

– 3397 after second service

– 3960 after third service

– 4181 after first landing

– 4596 on second boarding

– 5462 on second take-off (reset)

– 1512 after first service

– 2604 cashing up

– 5655 back home

=> 14363 in total at the end of the day

Day 16:

Worked Malaga and back:

– 1796 waiting in the crew room for delayed aircraft

– 2200ish around boarding (reset)

– 829 on take-off

– 2217 after first service

– 2783 after Boutique service

– 3181 on landing

– 4591 on second take-off

– 6941 after first service

– 7792 cashing up

– 9000 on checking out

– 9611 back home

=> 11811 in total

Day 17:

Worked Porto and back:

– 3766 on take-off

– 5927 after first Bistro service

– 6513 after Boutique service

– 7605 on second boarding

– 8184 on second take-off

– 9115 after first service

– 10064 on landing

– 10698 checking out

=> 12999 in total end

Day 18:

Worked Salzburg and back, a shorter shift to finish off my mad work week:

– 2889 after first boarding

– 3431on first take-off

– 5646 on first landing

– 7515 on second take-off

– 9136 cashing up

– 9418 on second landing

– 12470 at the gate for my flight home

– 12999 on take-off to Paris

– 14041 on train home

– 15295 back home

=> 17777 in total end of the day after some shopping and cleaning

Day 19 & 20:

Two lazy days at home:

=> 600 blogging myself mad, see my blog link at the end of this blog for more details

=> 1337 shopping + 1260 sorting our flat out, toilet/bathroom/kitchen trips = 2597 in total

Day 21:

Paid my parents a spontaneous visit:

– 1195 onboard Orly to Berlin

– 3035 arriving at my parents

– 9833 trip into town & back home

– Around 600 steps on trips to the toilet and kitchen

=> 10433 in total

That adds up to 70580 steps in the third week of the month, bang on target!

Day 22:

– Bin trip: 230ish steps

– Around 10 kitchen and toilet trips at 40 each = around 400 steps

– 6260 back at Berlin airport after trip into the city

– 6871 boarded

– 7850 end of the day + a couple of toilet trips

=> 8600ish steps in total at the end of the day

Day 23:

– 4 bathroom trips, 7 toilet trips, 10 kitchen trips, doing house work = 960ish steps

– 5249 shopping and cleaning frenzy, getting the place ready for my sister’s visit

=> around 6209 steps in total

Day 24:

– 10 toilet, kitchen and stuff at home trips = 600ish steps

– 12856 Paris tour from Gare Du Nord through Pรจre Lachaise showing my sister and her little family around my home

=> around 13456 steps in total

Day 25:

– 15 bathroom/kitchen trips = 900ish steps

– My pedometer reset itself between 7-8000 on our tour through Paris, argh!

– ย And again, my pedometer just shows 2000 in the Frog pub, but we had walked sooooo much more! (My sister’s step count showed 15672, I’ll go by that!)

– Both my sister’s and her husband’s counters showed we completed around 13km today, over 17k steps

– My counter just showed 1750 steps at the end, damn thing keeps resetting itself!

=> I add it all up to around 18000 steps

Day 26:

– 5362 to La Petite Perigourdine for lunch

– 11658 at a pit stop on our way to the Sacre Coer

– 15852 back home

– 16605+ end of the day + at least 5 toilet trips…

=> around 16905 in total on our Paris tour today

Day 27:

– 20ish toilet, bathroom and kitchen trips at least = 1200ish steps

– 5479 to cafe stop

– Reset, back home 1664

– 11k steps on my sister’s step count! Running after my little nephew…

– 2421 cleaning

=> I add that up to around 14621 steps in total

Day 28:

Day off at home! I’m just gonna add my lazy average of 1000ish steps just chilling and completing some household bits and bats.

So, that totals 78791 steps for the week, that’s just an estimate, with my moody pedometer especially, but way over the weekly target of 70000 = 10000 steps a day, that’s for sure!

Added up with all the steps of the previous three weeks = + 93451 + 68635 + 70580 = 311457!!!

That means I am also easy over the four-week target of 280k by over 30k and I have already exceeded the month’s target of 310k steps with two days to spare! Wow!

I cannot say I’m surprised, I knew how crazy my work and general life is and can be. But it was interesting to keep track and put some numbers to it! #WalkOn ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ‘

In case you missed my first week’s summary, here is the link:ย

And of the second week:ย

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Thanks again and have a great day/week/month/what’s left of it! #WalkOn ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜Š #YNWA



As always, time flies, and we’re already halfway through March! Here is the summary of my second week in my #WalkAllOverCancer for Cancer Research UK after I smashed the 10000 steps a day target in the first week, completing 93451 steps! Told you I run around a lot at work!

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Day 8 & 9:

8th & 9th March I had a couple of lazier days off, chilling and blogging at home:

– 1200 at home + 5312 cinema => 6512

– 1200 at home cricket blogging

Very lazy days indeed, my lowest total so far!

Day 10:

10th March my boyfriend and me were going to spend the weekend in London, flying in from where we live, Paris, on the Friday, early in the morning:

Here’s the breakdown of all my steps:

-600ish beginning of the day (reset- the pedometer likes to reset itself from time to time, back to 0, so, will have to add up later), getting ready & packing for our travels

-1982 at the aircraft at CDG airport

– 4787 at East Croydon brunch stop

– 6654 at the Air BnB in SE London

– 15259 at ย posh pub = Gloucester Arms ๐Ÿป๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ‘

– 16609 at the Royal Albert Hall, really enjoyed Russell Howard on his final day of his 10-day stint! Lots of lols! ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ‘

– 19919 in the bus to Piccadilly

– 20651 in the casino bar (reset) ๐Ÿป๐Ÿน๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿน๐Ÿป

– 467 back to the AirBnB

That’s 21718 steps, made up for the lazy days!

Day 11:

11th March we continued touring, visiting and watching our favourite places, people and sports in the city:

– 2005 steps to brunch

– 2386 at the train station Grove Park (off to Camden, yay! ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜)

– 7336 at Camden pub Oxford Arms, watched England thrash Scotland in the Six Nations Rugby tournament

– 9473 at the train to Bexleyheath

– 10746 at my sister’s

– 13460 back at the Air BnB

Day 12:

12th March, a lovely, lazy Sunday, brunch together in London and then back to the airport to head home (for him) and work (for me):

– 5225 to East Croydon, train to Gatwick

– 6763 at the Travelodge

=> quieter day again, but that would change, as it’s back to work the next day…

Day 13:

Back to work, Linate, Milan & back:

– 649 to the crew room

– 2952 on takeoff

– 4286 after first service

– 5621 on second takeoff

– 6295 after second service

– 6923 on second landing

– 8303 back in the hotel

Day 14:

– 825 to airport standby room, called out to operate Seville & back

– 2951 after boarding

– 3625 for takeoff

– 5537 after first service

– 5922 after Boutique service

– 6397 on first landing

– 6869 after second boarding

– 7377 after second takeoff

– 8102 after first service

– 8346 after Boutique

– 8738 on second landing

– 10679 back home

So, that totals 68635 steps for the week, just below the target of 70000 = 10000 steps a day. But added up with the 93451 steps of the first week = 162086, I am still way over the target of 140000, over 20k = two days spare! #WalkOn ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ‘

In case you missed my first week’s summary, here is the link:ย

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Thanks in advance and have a great week! ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜Š


With the first week done, I thought to put a little summary together of my #WalkAllOverCancer for Cancer Research UK.

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As a Cabin Manager, I run around enough each and every day at work, completing safety checks, Bistro and Boutique services, more safety checks and a lot of crew communication.

Day 1

1st of March I worked Las Palmas and back. A busy 4-hour flight with a lot of hungry and thirsty holiday makers. A couple of services, lots of call bells and checks, plus a catch-up dinner and a couple of drinks with a friend in London afterwards added up to 22,443 steps. That’s double the target on the first day!

Here’s the breakdown of all my steps:
– 570 to work
– 2508 to the aircraft
– 3300 at the first take-off (the pedometer reset itself at this point, starting the count from scratch)
– 2364 after the first Bistro service
– 3926 after second service
– 5340 for first landing
– 7436 after second take-off
– 9521 after first service
– 10323 after second service
– 11108 after second landing
– 12547 at checkout
– 13123 back home (reset)
– 1499 to the train station
– 3010 to restaurant
– 6020 back home

=> approximately 22443 steps, wow, smashed it! ๐Ÿ‘Š๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘Š

Day 2

2nd of March I worked Faroe and back, the flight takes two hours and a bit, can be busy, can be quiet, depending on the time of the day, popular with the golfers who enjoy their drinks, so, it was another busy one. I went shopping beforehand which added more steps.

Here’s the breakdown:
– 2907 to Tesco and back
– 3638 to work
– 4997 to the aircraft
– 6947 at first take-off
– 9554 after the first service
– 10687 after first landing
– 12096 at second take-off (reset)
– 2471 just before landing (reset)
– 2116 at the bus stop on my way home

=> approximately 17096 steps

Day 3

3rd of March I worked Faroe and back again, same as the day before, minus the shopping and the golfing/party group, you get the drift.

Here’s the breakdown:
– 1186 leaving the crew room
– 2174 arriving at the gate, waiting for the aircraft
– 3214 on first boarding
– 4521 on first take-off
– 8305 after first service
– 9102 on first landing
– 12223 after second service
– 13256 on second landing (reset)
– 1831 checking out
– 3529 back home

=> approximately 16785 steps

Day 4

4th of March was the last day of my work week (day 6, the maximum of consecutive days we’re allowed to work), a busy Alicante and back. It was not as mad as expected, shorter flight times, and the football results went my way. So, overall a very good day. โœˆโšฝ๐Ÿ˜Šโšฝโœˆ

Here’s the breakdown:
– 1637 to the crew room
– 3361 on the first search = checks of the aircraft
– 4837 on first take-off
– 6781 after first service
– 7248 after Boutique service
– 8565 on first landing
– 10116 on second take-off
– 12002 after second service
– 13287 on second landing
– 16617 back home

=> approximately 16617 steps

Day 5

5th of March was my first day off work, so, no services or checks or running around. I just commuted back home to Paris. Chilled the rest of the day, seeing I smashed the targets so far, I thought I earned myself some time out, toilet breaks included. ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ‘

Here’s the breakdown:
– 3159 to home in Paris
– 900 chilling at home

=> approximately 4059 steps

Day 6

6th of March was my second day off work, just chilling at home, so this list is going to be short again.

Here’s the breakdown:
– 2053 shopping
– 1080 chilling at home

=> approximately 3133 steps

Day 7

7th of March was another day off work for me, less chilling this time though, more house work, A LOT of laundry. Me and my other half then walked to the cinema, pub and back. It was a great film, nice dinner and drinks, not so good football, for him anyway. โšฝ๐Ÿ™ˆ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ™ˆโšฝ

Here’s the breakdown:
– 900 doing laundry at home
– 6624 to the cinema
– 199 to the pub
– 5595 back home

=> approximately 13318 steps, back on track! ๐Ÿ‘Š๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘Š

So, I think I can call it a successful week, completing 93451 steps! That’s well over the target! I think I can take more time off and chill. Until I’m back to work madness next week! โœˆ๐Ÿ˜‰โœˆ๐Ÿ˜‰โœˆ

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Thanks in advance and have a great week! ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜Š


Well, well, well… Tomorrow is the first day of March… 2017!!!

Okay, I won’t start rambling on about how time flies, how mad last year was, with all the bad news, shocking politics, celebrity deaths, wars, refugees, etc.

Instead, I have made sure that this year I turn away from all the negativity, ignore all the lies, doom and gloom, and re-focus.

I switched the telly off and my mind on. Rather than getting worried about the what ifs and let your day/week/month/year/life be spoilt by them and what you don’t or can’t have, do or control, I focus on what I have and can do.

I finally attended to loads of stuff I’ve been meaning to do for ages and found plenty of people, places, activities and causes that are good, not just for me and my mind but in general!

Whether it’s to raise awareness, to learn more, for a good cause or just to be distracted, look on the bright side and cheer up.

I still watch the news, but just know how and when to switch off and remind myself it’s not all doom and gloom out there! Here are my fave sites and apps: Always something interesting to learn, random stats and facts and lols. Showing that there are good people out there, every little helps and can make the day so much nicer and easier. Again, every little helps, to improve something and/or make someone’s day and life nicer and easier. With all the political campaigns and madness, I found this cause closest to my thinking, all together against all the hate. One of my dear friend’s website with plenty of blogs, articles and podcasts right to the point about everyday life, problems, questions and answers. I love this app, always brings a smile to my face, you learn random facts and stats and get rewarded for it too!

Simply Yoga App: Just to get away from everything and everyone for at least 20 minutes a day, this free app has helped my mind, body and soul a lot!

Duolingo App: Best free app to get into a new language. My French is still not fluent (after nearly two years in Paris!!!), but that’s more my own fault/circumstance… Merde…

And last but not least, this March Iโ€™m walking 10,000 steps a day throughout the month to help beat cancer sooner.

In my job, I run around so much every day, I thought, why not for a good cause?ย  I will hopefully be able to keep you posted about my progress on this blog. I’m curious and interested myself what the pedometer will show…

Help me Walk All Over Cancer and fund life-saving research by sponsoring me:

Every day, step by step, click by click, every little helps. Away from all the doom and gloom, closer to the better, healthier and happier life!



Posted on: April 21, 2016


I saw my friend’s status about the #WhatYouDontSee campaign the other day and thought of a poem I wrote when I went through difficult times…

Tears and Fears

They come,
You don’t know where from.

They stay,
And get in your way.

It’s clear,
They can’t just disappear.

It’s not you,
That can’t be true.

The others don’t know,
Because it doesn’t always show.

They’re there,
It’s only you they scare.

Hold through,
Because you have to!

Through all despairs,
There is always someone who cares!


Music in general always gave me strength and distraction. But this is THE song for me, YNWA – You’ll Never Walk Alone, not just in football context, because I’m a Liverpool fan, but in life, it always gave and still gives me goosebumps every time, and hope, which got me through it all and keeps me going!

You’ll Never Walk Alone

I am a very bubbly and generally positive person. Be it personally, directly or indirectly (through friends or family), I have learnt a lot from my previous experiences with anxiety, depression, the doubts, tears and fears, dependence, addiction and everything else that comes or can come with it all.

You can never judge a book by its cover. You don’t know what has happened in all the chapters, and what may be in-between the lines, nor what lays ahead! And just when you thought it’s all over, another page/chapter/issue/novel/saga/twist/turn may appear, just happen, from nowhere!


See original imageIt’s been just over a year now since we moved to Paris. A lot has happened in that year. My French has not improved all too much, since I’m still working in London and commuting most of the time. But still, there is a lot I have discovered, got used to and plenty of loves and hates I can add to my list. Here we go:

See original imageMeetup App Language Groups: This app has helped me a lot to socialise, improve my French and at the same time finding the little hidden French places I usually wouldn’t go to and their history.
See original imageThe Frog Pub and Rue de Lappe: Not very French, but these are the places to go to if you feel homesick (coming from the UK that is). Everything about these places is not French, but good old British, be it the sports they show on big screens (all in English), the drinks, the food or the staff and the crowd there in general. Whilst The Frog Pub is very British (as the name tells), the Rue de Lappe is more international, having everything from English, Irish, Scottish, Italian, Australian, Asian, African, American, etc. Great escape if you had enough French for the day/week/month/year!
See original imageBelin rรฉception biscuits crackers, especially the Minizzas! Love love love!!! Great nibbles, with different tastes for your tongue to be challenged and pleased with.

China police are due to be sent to Paris to protect their tourists from attacks by Roma gangsThe modern, offensive beggars: You just have to pretend they are invisible, ignore them, stay oblivious, otherwise they attack, in your face, wondering where your money is. Sometimes they start humorous, chat you up, but then get aggressive when you don’t flash your cash. They are often in groups, at main tourist sites. Be warned. Especially as a woman you make an easier target. Even when you’re not alone.
See original imageThe dangerous drivers: I have lived in Berlin and London before, but Paris beats the lot! Whilst the German capital can sometimes be colour-blind and the Cockneys like to ignore speed limits, the Parisians don’t know either! Lanes are non-existent, traffic lights made redundant and what does km/h mean again???!!!
See original image– OMG, as a massive football fanatic, I cannot believe I still haven’t been to a PSG or France match – nor Disneyland!!! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ I keep nagging my boyfriend about it… Definitely on the HAVE-TO-DO list!!!

Things I always knew… Really…
– Trains are never/rarely on time nor do they complete the trip too often.
– The French love to strike.
– Paris is beautiful.

See original imageMatch of Ze Day: Yes, you read right. This is the French version of my favourite football programme, on Canal+, and makes me laugh. Love it. They also show the 3pm-kick-offs on a Saturday, which is a no-go in the UK. And the way they pronounce the names of theย teams and players is double-amusing and entertaining. Lol.
See original imageSauf signs: This is my German side laughing. “Sauf” in French means “except” and you often find it on road signs indicating this lane or parking area is closed “sauf”=”except” for cars/bikes/busses/etc. with a little picture underneath. What’s so funny, you wonder? In German “sauf” is the imperative form of the verb “saufen” which means getting drunk. So, all those signs are commanding me to get boozed up on alcohol!
See original imageRadio FG, fuckin’ good music! Again, yes, you read right! This French radio channel blurts this slogan out every day, any time, it makes me twitch and giggle every time! In the UK, and most other European countries I think, you would get sacked if you shouted those words out on lunch time radio. But not in France. Love it.

Je Suis Paris: I will certainly never forget that day, those days, that weekend, that week… The only reason I did not fly home that Friday evening, was because of training at work that went past check-in time. I was supposed to fly back the next day with a couple of friends who had never been to Paris before. We had to postpone the trip till after the weekend. And still then, Paris was not the same. And has not been the same since. I blogged more about that earlierย here.

I know, any terror attacks, any civilian deaths, they are all devastating, terrifying and evil, just wrong. We are in World War Three.

However, there is still a big difference.

Sad but true. As I blogged before:

Some countries, some cities, some conflict areas, you are just used to seeing in the news more than others. Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria; Nigeria, Egypt and yes, Turkey. These are just some examples.

More and more, attacks have become every-month/week/day news in those countries. War zones, conflicts, attacks, explosions. Again, sad but true. Nothing new. It’s been going on for a long time. There is a reason why so many have fled those areas. Of course, it does not make it less or more worse. It’s not a competition.

However, with the Paris attacks, it was just different. The last time attacks of this extent have occurred in this city was under Hitler, during the Second World War. So, I will not apologise for being a bit more surprised/shocked/mortified. (Disregarding the fact I live there, too!)

Naturally, the news hit bigger shock waves in Europe. Because it is not a war zone. Usually. But with this war, war of terror, WWIII, it has no boarders. You don’t know where it will hit next. That is the most terrifying thought and fact.

With the Brussels bombings, it was different again. I cannot say I was surprised it happened there, as it has been well known as a terrorist hub for a while.

But again, I will not apologise for being more shocked/mortified as the terror network is unfolding and widening more and more, closer and closer to home! Where you normally think everything is under control, safe. Again, Europe hasn’t been a war zone for over half a century! And there are no clear boarders, lines or zones in this war. You don’t know where to go or not to go. Where the next attack will be.

Of course, all deaths are tragic, wrong and painful. However, fear and worry grows more and more the closer the danger comes to home. That is natural. Part of survival instinct.

So, please don’t hold it against people like me for reacting, especially on the social media outlets we know and use every day. Again, it’s not a competition, who gets the most tears and shares. We don’t mean any offence. Well, I definitely don’t anyway. Quite the opposite.

We do our part to help, be it through donations or helping out in refugee camps and with other charities and aids.

We’re just not used to it, don’t know how to handle it, when the attacks hit us, and just try to hold together who and what we have, know and feel. And show each other that we care. Sorry, I’m not sorry for that.


RIP all victims of war, you’ll never be forgotten. And their families and loved ones, YNWA.